Monday, July 12, 2010

Ireland's First Stirling Engine Exhibition


Stirling Engine Exhibition

I had an e-mail from Bob Idjennadene who among other things is a Stirling Engine aficionado. He will be holding the 1st ever Stirling Engine exhibition in Ireland.

The exhibition will be held at “Sonairte”, the National Ecology Centre at Laytown. Co Meath. It will take place on Sunday July 25th. It is free of charge.

Bob will be showing some beautiful working scale models of types of the Reverend Stirling’s wonderful invention of so many years ago.

I have written extensively about Stirling engines in previous posts, do a search if you would like to read a bit about this extraordinary engine and its latest manifestations in solar energy and power-packs for lunar sites.

Bob has his own website, about Belgian Waffles!!! (A man fond of his food) - where he has a Stirling Engine page have a look:


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