Sunday, July 11, 2010

2 Euro CFL Bulbs Best Value


CFL bulbs are Terrific Value
You can make 400%+ Profit
in Energy Savings

Some improvements are being made in LED lighting and the prices are coming down a little bit. However, LED lighting is still far from an economic option for general domestic use.

CFL bulbs are not the perfect "green" solution, but they certainly are by far the best current option for the average user.

High quality regular type Philips CFL bulbs can now be purchased for as little as €2 each. The fancier ones cost a bit more. At that sort of silly money you could completely change over the average home for an outlay of just €24 to €32.

Your outlay would be paid back in savings in less than a year. Given that the bulbs have an average life of 5 years, you would make about a 400% profit in time!!!

Did you know that you can get 12volt CFL bulbs? Great for caravans and camping. You can also get high power CFL bulbs for outside lighting.

Look, if you have not already made the change to CFL bulbs, do yourself a big favour and go out this week and but a dozen or so.




John said...

Where can I get 12volt cfl bulbs in ireland. I use them on my 12 volt system but had to get some from th US.

John said...

Where can I get 12 volt cfl bulbs in Ireland? I use them on my alt. system but had to get but had to get some from the US.