Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fleming, Florey and Fluidic Energy


Fleming, Florey
and Fluidic Energy

Did you ever wonder at how the scientific and academic world actually works - the rules of engagement so to speak??

History has shown us that the big names often take complete credit for a discovery when in fact someone else had put all the work into developing it. Edison was said to have done that on more than one occasion.

The Real Inventors of Penicillin
Dr Howard Florey and his team

Alexander Fleming is another example. He noted that the mould prevented bacteria developing but he did none of the research and development that lead to the amazing medical breakthrough. It was in fact Doctors Howard Florey, Ernst Chain, and their colleagues at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology at Oxford who turned penicillin from a half forgotten laboratory curiosity into a world-changing drug. Mean spirited Fleming took all of the kudos and barely recognised the development work.

So where is my story leading? Well to the understanding that the scientific world, like the business and political worlds, is a jungle full of poisonous rats and snakes. You would need to know what you are dealing with in order to survive. Honour, honesty and generosity of spirit do not, for the most part, exist in this jungle.

With that understanding I sent an e-mail to Prof. Cody Friesen in the hope of getting some bit of general news about how their Ionic Fluid Battery research was progressing.

Hi Professor Friesen,

I was delighted to hear that your research group has received a second major DOE grant. I am an admirer of the efforts of your group and of the way you handle your public image. I write a blog on renewable energy. I have posted several pieces featuring Fluidic Energy.

Why am I bothering you? Well, frankly, I hoping that perhaps I might be able to get some little bit of a glimpse at the progress you are making with you ionic fluid battery.

I fully realise it is a jungle and that you have to be very vigilant with your intellectual property, but maybe you could share some scrap of general information.

Either way, good luck with your efforts.

Best Regards,

Tony McGinley
County Kerry

I was not in the leastl surprised to receive the following answer.

Dear Mr. McGinley,

Thank you for your interest in Fluidic Energy. You were correct in your assumptions that we need to protect our intellectual property. As of now we are operating in a confidential mode, other than what we release to the press. Unfortunately, the information on the website and the press releases are all that is available at this time.
Best of luck with your blog.

Kind Regards,

Fluidic Energy
8455 North 90th Street
Scottsdale, Arizona 85258


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