Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fluidic Energy get second Major Grant


Fluidic Energy Inc.
aka Friesen Research
Get a 2nd Major US DOE Grant

I have written a number of posts about a start-up nano battery company called Fluidic Energy Inc. Not so long ago they got a $5million grant for research. News today is that they are in line for a second major US Government grant. This second grant is for $3 million.



Fluidic Energy is one of the players in the nano battery field that I personally have a good feeling about. For one, they are not full of hyperbole and the art of spin-doctoring. That the US gov. has awarded two major grants also says a good deal. How many major grants have EEstor, Ecolocap, or NextAlternative received??

The grants come from the US Dept. of Energy’s “Advanced Research Projects Agency for Energy” The cash is sourced from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act which was set up to stimulate research and development in renewable technologies. AFAIK it is the end of that money.


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