Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Try and Store the Wind


Storing Wind

Professor Garvey aims to create the world’s most massive wind turbines on a scale not yet attempted with a rotor of almost a quarter kilometre in diameter, and that is just the baby of the pack.

Prof. Garvey believes that it is possible to store energy at costs well below £10,000/MWh. That is about one fifth or 20% of the cost of pumped hydro energy, which is the next cheapest competing technology available to date.

With some radical redesign work, professor Garvey believes that the quantity of material used in the manufacture of the turbines for a given output can be greatly reduced thereby cutting costs by a factor of four!!!!!!

Prof. Garvey has indicated a unique method of compressing the air using gravity as one of the driving factors. He envisages long tube inside the massive hollow blades of the rotors. Inside the tubes are large free moving heavily weighted pistons, which will slide up and down in the tubes compressing air on both cycles.

To be continued ....


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