Saturday, May 08, 2010

Nanotechnology Lead Acid Battery


Carbon Nanotube
Lead Acid Battery

A Canadian based company, Next Alternative Inc. are using Carbon Nanotube technology in the oldest type of rechargeable battery around. They are modifying lead acid battery technology to produce a battery that will recharge in less than 1 hour and hold 4 times the charge.

The figures are based on test results of prototype CNT lead lead/acid battery packs. Essentially, if it works like it says on the box, it will give an electric car some 300 miles between charges and can be recharged in less than 1 hour.

This battery will also have a much longer life than regular lead acid batteries; the company say it will last at least 4 times longer. If we take it a lead acid battery has an average life of 3 years or so, this new battery should last 12 years!! (If the hype can be believed)

Next Alternative Inc
Ottawa Ontario


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