Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Storing the Wind


You may as well try and
Store the Wind

At the University of Nottingham there is currently a unique research project headed by a man with a grand Irish name;

Prof Seamus Garvey. He, and his team, are working on an idea called “ICARES” (Integrated Compressed Air Renewable Energy Systems). The Prof. has been developing it since 2006.

? - ? - Wait a while and I’ll tell ya!!

I love the ballbarrow for its design perfection, so simple and has additionally the big advantage that there is little to go wrong.

Prof. Garvey’s idea, on the face of it, is simple enough; he wants to build to build humongous wind turbines mounted at sea. But instead of having generators and gearboxes, his turbines will directly compress and pump air into huge undersea inflatable bags anchored to the seabed.

The Prof. in his own words proposes to “store the wind” !!! Then allow the wind to blow, from the compressed bags, when it is actually needed. The stored compressed air is then used to generate electricity by releasing it through turbine generator systems.

By bypassing the electrical generating stage before attempting energy storage, the efficiency is immediately increased, with no gearboxes and generator losses. Thus avoiding one of the losses associated with hydro-storage. With pumped hydro-storage systems you have to add pump losses, seepage, evaporation, and leaks, plus a second generating loss when the systems is generating.

To be continued...


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Moiety said...

Right so. So he has factored in the act that he needs gears and compressors to store the wind as well as high pressure reservoirs thereby negati9ng completely and then some the savings he predicts.

I have had a quick look around and can say that these people has little concept of how a compressor actually works. For example "heat extracted from compressed air going into storage can be used to advantage in further raising the temperature of compressed-air about to be expanded" is contrary to what ones really wants to do with compressors.

They also want to use "high speed expander" without taking into account that to generate the high speed and overcome the pressure drop of that speed you need high pressure; at least higher than atmospheric pressure.