Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Irish Health System and Minister Harney


Ministerial Plan
to further penalise
the less well off?

(with apologies to my readers for going off-subject again)

While President Obama is making attempts to humanise and balance the health system in the US, I have just read that the Irish Health Minister Mary Harney is planning to bring into effect some rather shortsighted regulation regarding private health insurance in Ireland.

She plans to establish regulations making the cost of health insurance higher for older people taking out a policy for the first time.

In my case, and I am one of a very large number, I have not been able to afford to take out health insurance during the years while rearing a family, paying a mortgage, and basically trying to survive. If Minister Harney has her way it will simply close the door permanently on any health insurance and GUARANTEE that many older people are FORCED onto our very faulty public health schemes.

Health Costs in Ireland a Rip-Off

Health costs in Ireland are the real problem. With consultants expecting to earn 200 - 300,000 Euro per year. This factor along with one of the most criminally inefficient health management systems in the world has lead to Ireland being an unattractive place to live when it comes to public health care.

The rip-off factor is showing when it comes to dentistry. It costs between one third and a half of the Irish dental costs to have treatments in mainland European treatment centres, including the costs of staying at a 5 star hotel, have all connections, meals etc. That spells Ireland in one word for me RIP-OFF!!!


Dear Minister Harney, would you perhaps consider taking the really radical moves of (a) having a SINGLE health system in Ireland for ALL CITIZENS regardless of means, along with (b) Strictly regulating all medical fees and costs, setting limits on consultants fees etc. making it law that doctors prescribe "generic" drugs, etc. etc. Would you then be prepared to back that move, if necessary, by recruiting replacement medical staff, to be employed on contracts, from Russia, Eastern Europe, Asia etc. ? As it stands, IMHO, you are simply bowing to a bloated, self-serving, greedy, overpaid, and essentially un-ethical medical system which has evolved in Ireland.

Joan Baez Song

Ireland has a two tier medical system which exemplifies the words of a Joan Baez song; “If living were a thing that money could buy then the rich would live and the poor would die”. If you have money and can afford the best medical insurance, you can have your triple bypass in the Blackrock Clinic, will live, if not, tough brother - you are just going to die.

Great!! Isn’t it? Christian Ireland my arse!!!


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