Friday, May 28, 2010

Storing Wind Energy


Prof. Garvey has his
Bags Packed and Ready to Go

I have already sketched the "Energy Bag" and Mega sized Turbine story. This post is by way of a wrap-up on what I know of the project.

I have been unsuccessful in getting more information from Professor Garvey about his ideas.

Bags Packed and Ready to GO!!

Seamus Garvey has already “packed his bags”, “Energy Bags” that is. Testing of scale-model prototype Energy Bags has been going on for some time.

These Air Bags are quite small scale model versions to test the theory

Here is the lab set-up arrangement
showing the water tanks in which the bags are mounted

Storing compressed air in bags?
These air bags are strong enough to lift a ship!!!

The project is funded with a €310,000 grant from the EON International Research Initiative. Prof. Garvey believe that the green investment market is out there and actively looking for what he has to offer. He believes that the initial testing has already shown that the system can work.

The Prof. believes that more than 25% of ocean based wind farms in the UK will use his integrated compressed air approach by 2025.

Good luck to Professor Garvey and his team in the testing phase.


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