Monday, December 14, 2009

Sustainable Energy Advisory Service


A Message that
I feel I need to repeat

from time to time!!

I get a lot of very nice letters of support and thanks for my blog, for which I am most grateful.

I occasionally get a batch of letters requesting very specific information that would require a good deal of time to research and answer. This annoys me, especially when most of the information is contained in my previous posts.

I estimate that I have put around 1000 - 1200 hours of my time into this blog since I started it in 2006. I have made many international phone calls, did a fair bit of travelling, trawled the Internet for information, and of course also I have received much helpful input from a few readers.

Point is I have maintained this Blog purely as a hobby in support of a sustainable future for the planet, and simply for the personal interest, without any reward whatsoever.

I feel a Rant Comin' on!!

I therefore get a bit peaked when I receive very specific requests from individuals, who, I am sure, just have not engaged their brains and thought the situation out, expecting a service as if from a highly funded government agency or a contracted consultant.

I include the latest example below. If I were to do the simplest research and write a report in response to this letter, it would take me a minimum of two hours and a half dozen phone calls. If I was in business I would expect to ask a fee of at least £150 for the time and expenditure involved. I think I was most civil in my reply - don't you?

The Letter

Hi. I read your blog re; rip off merchants, could you give me a run down on wood pellet heating we are moving to Ireland very shortly. The quotes we have received have been staggering!! Or, do you know a reasonable company, thank-you. Is it a good alternative to fossil fuels?
Ken .. ..

My Answer

Hi Ken - Most of your questions have been answered in my blog - go through the archive.

I am not a consultant - the blog is a hobby, you will have to do your own research but maybe you would share your findings like I do?

Tony McGinley


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