Sunday, December 20, 2009

Steorn's Orbo Battery Powered?


Orbo's electric Motor

There is nothing new about Steorn's Orbo's concept - the perpetual motion idea has been around since the middle ages. More recently there have been a rash of magnetic motors and other self generating devices.

The original Orbo that failed to work in London, was a magnet only device. If that could have been shown to run for a couple of years it would have been something.

The new "improved" Orbo is nothing more than an electric motor driven by a battery. It has another added section on top, in the form of a dynamo - to "re-charge" the battery!!!

If my eyes serve me properly this is a
VERY high capacity 10 amp/hour battery
Sufficient to run a small motor for weeks!!

The battery in the Orbo machine appears to be an exceptionally high-capacity re-chargeable battery of 10 ampere hours. A battery of this capacity - fully charged, would run a well balanced small motor for weeks.

Here is a question - why does a machine that generates power need a high-capacity battery??? Would not the tiniest capacity suffice if the thing actually worked???



John said...

>>Would not the tiniest capacity suffice if the thing actually worked???

Stop making so much sense; you will all of the free energy fun.

qagnetic said...

I saw someone remove the Orbo from
its stand take it out of sight of the webcam at 1:10am on monday morning just long enough to change
the battery,looks very suspious to

dtanderson said...

The "Engineer's View" on the Steorn site is given by the CEO Sean McCarthy. Isn't there a REAL engineer in Steorn? Or doesn't a "real" engineer want to get his name associated with Orbo and ruin his reputation forever?

qagnetic said...

I don't think any human inventor has been able to create perpetual motion with no output of energy,
but these Irish guys seem to be two
steps ahead of the rest.
Quote from Albert Einstein
"A person who's one step ahead of
the crowd is a genius and a person
who's two steps ahead is a crackpot".