Saturday, December 05, 2009

EEstor and Lockheed in love affair?


Update on EEstor's UltraCapacitor
and a
Secret love Affair with Lockheed?

I came across a very interesting video interview on YouTube made at a conference with Lockheed execs. It would appear that Lockheed are excited about EEstor’s ultracapacitor. There would appear to be a secret love affair AKA a "working agreement" between the companies.

Have a look at the YouTube video interview, it's worth a look just to see the wriggling that is going on. I have pasted the link below.

These Lockheed guys are being REALLY - I mean R - E -A – L - L - Y tight lipped but there are still a number of indicators that there may be something brewing.

There wasn’t as much secrecy about the atom bomb when it was being developed as about EEstor. These guys fairly wriggle to avoid a straight answer!!!


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