Sunday, December 20, 2009

Orbo comment


A Comment on Orbo
from an unidentifiable person

El Ch� has left a new comment on your post "Steorn's Orbo Battery Powered?":

The battery is "needed" -- for the moment -- but Steorn is also just setting scoffers like you up, IMO. The thing is to run these devices well past the point of any possibility of the battery being the motive force behind it all. Their claim: the battery really is just a "reservoir". And the reservoir could thus be many other things, as well.

And then what will you scoffers be able to say, when it's clearly not really being run-by-battery..?

Don't believe the (anti-)hype,

My Reply:

Thanks for the input "El Ch?" I appreciate a good debate,

It would seem that you are a believer in Orbo? I, on the other hand, sit straddling the fence but perhaps leaning a bit towards the side of the disbeliever.

The "anti-hype", as you put it, that you have read in my post is my own anti-hype. It comes simply from asking a few pertinent questions and from a bit of basic electrical knowledge.

A simple question for you - would you be prepared to bet $10,000 that within say 2, even 3 years of R&D, the Orbo claim would have come to commercial fruition according to their original hype??? That all electric cars, phones and other gizmos would never again have to be charged, and that a domestic refrigerator sized Orbo could be purchased in the shops that would 100% power a household for all electrical needs?? In other words, oil, wind, geo-thermal, and all other current power generating methods would be obsolete??


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