Friday, December 25, 2009

Steorn's Orbo Perendev Keppe Motor


Top 10 Weird and Wacky Energy League

Steorn's Orbo is in the running for a listing in the weird and wacky top 10 "free energy" devices to be held in Hawaii in January 2010.

Names like Perendev, The Keppe Motor, similar somewhat concepts to Orbo, will battle it out for a placing with names like the "Searle Effect Generator" the "Kapanadze Free Energy Generator" and the "ERR Fluxgenerator"

All of the 20 or so contenders claim to have viable devices which produce more energy than the input and which claim to be able to solve the energy crisis. The problem is that in 10 years or so over-unity devices like the "perendev motor" have failed to produce the goods. If the dang darn thing actually worked - the Chinese would have it copied and would have been selling to us by the million.

Twilight Zone

It seems to me that there is another dimension out there in which dreams become reality - for some - but for the rest of us unbelievers, they just remain as weird and wacky gizmos.

A number of features seem to be common to many of these inventions;

(1) The claimed effects appear to be easily duplicated in various video demonstrations etc.

(2) However, their inventors are super sensitive and secret about their machines and aim to vigorously control the environment of any observations - they only allow very limited viewing or testing.

(3) Despite the various video demos and hype, all of the devices have failed to make it to market despite many many years of trying, protestations of "ready for mass production", and various other hype.


All of the three factors mentioned above fully apply to stage magic tricks. So what conclusion would you draw when applying simple logic to observing these claims??


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