Tuesday, November 06, 2007

New Subaru 200Km Electric Car

Subaru has announced a new electric car the G4e which is a 5 seat car. Thing thats different about this electric car is the new 346 volt modified lithium – vanadium battery which can give 200Km or 124 miles on a charge. The battery can be rapidly charged in just 15 minutes to 80% capacity. The vanadium material can store two to three times more lithium ions than the regular type of battery. The car also boaster a maintenance free 65 Kw electric motor - I like the sound of that, maintenance-free.

Apart from being almost maintenance free, the other big saving is on juice. Electric cars run at about one tenth the cost. For anyone making relatively short journeys this could be one good investment.

Only caveat that comes to mind is how safe and reliable this new battery is. If they offered a 5 year guarantee on the battery plus a staggered replacement cost after that, it would answer that one.


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