Friday, November 23, 2007

SunTower SunFlower

Beautiful Power

Lord of the Rings type Magic Tower.

We are just back from a short holiday on the Costa Del Sol Spain. While there we made a 3+ hour pilgrimage to an area some 25 Km west of Seville, in the municipality of SanLukar La Mayor to see a “solar tower”.

Sunflower Suntower.

Sunflower in Spanish is “Girasol” which means, more or less, “track sun”. It was strangely significant for me, in an area where one of the main agricultural crops are sunflowers, to see the sun being harvested in a super high-tech and visually beautiful way.

Light from Light.

The solar tower stand some 115 meters or 337 feet high and is surrounded in a semi-circle of 600+ huge morrors. Each mirror is 120 Sq Meters and tracks the sun like the millions of locally grown sunflowers in the surrounding fields. All the beams converge at a point near the top of the tower.

This heat collecting area is intensly bright and heated to super high temperatures which drive the generator turbines on the top of the tower.


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