Thursday, September 20, 2007

Steorn, Ecowatts, Airoption part of a Phenomena?


I Wont Hold My Breath!

We are coming close to the end of an Era. The era of carbon fuels. At major turning points in history, which IMHO the end of carbon fuel represents, there have appeared unusual manifestations of the needs expressed by the coming changes.

Over recent years there have been a plethora of "energy" devices. Many of these claim output "Over Unity" or an output of heat or power greater than that put in. Like the idea put forwards in my blog entitles "How Long Des it take to Boil a Kettle?" These ideas are all suggesting that they can boil the kettle, so to speak, for one half or less of the electricity.

There are literally dozens of these claims in various form. From the guy who claims to run a car on water - I kid you not - the water is broken down into hydrogen and oxygen and the hydrogen used in the modified engine. But we all know it takes a hell of a lot of electricity to break down water - so where is the power gain.

Airoption have an underfloor heating system that defies the accepted laws of science by claiming to heat a very average house of 1800 sq feet for the whole year on €500 of electricity or mush less. Ecowatts have a kind of "immersion heater" thingy that they claim puts out between 2 and 5 time as much heat as is put in.

Steorn and before them Perendev and others have claimed to have a magnet motor that runs forever without power.

Now there is the possibility that somewhere along the line a chink exists in the laws of thermodynamics, or some modifying factor that everyone has to date overlooked but I have my doubts. Nevertheless, I keep an open mind - in fact I really hope that this is the situation but at the same time I will not hold my breath waiting for these devices to come into the local superstore.


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