Saturday, September 15, 2007

Staggering Efficiency Claim Update


Staggering Electrical Heating Efficiency Claim

I have made further contact with the company claiming the unusual high heating efficiency and got the door firmly slammed in my face. The company is Airoption Ltd. Their claim is published on their website at the following link:

It would appear that Airoption Ltd are somewhat sensitive to publicity and perhaps my off-the-wall approach has offended them. This is the essence of their latest response:


... it appears that we are attracting the type of notice we don’t want. In view of this we will be making no further statements whatsoever in relation to our product or technology until such time as we see fit.

All information or other matters given are strictly proprietary and their publication or misrepresentation are forbidden.

We would thank you therefore to be careful in how you may represent or misrepresent all matters relating to
Airoption Ltd.

Thank you,
Airoption Ltd

I am sorry that Airoption has taken such a defensive approach. In the light of this response I will remove all and any information they have published on their website or in their corrispondence with me. You can visit their site and judge for yourself.


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