Sunday, September 16, 2007

Airoption Core Tech Staggering Claim


Comment on the Airoption Core Tech Heating Claim

I wish Airoption Ltd well with their Core Tech heating. I sincerely hope that they have in fact got what they believe they have.

The Airoption Core Tech claim is just so important, big, staggering, mind-blowing (no amount of adjectives can really point to the implications and importance of this claim if proved). I personally hope they have stumbled upon some hidden principle of thermodynamics. And if they have, I hope that they will go national or international with it. It is too important not to.

In the National Interest

If they believe they have the means of heating homes for a third or less of the current cost, this claim is so important that it should go beyond the confines of one small company. This one fact would save the country BILLIONS in imported fuels. It therefore can be said that this heating efficiency claim is in the national interest if not the world's.

It should be researched at national or international level and developed, under licence of course, by nationally based and funded research facilities.

If this claim is proved by scientific study - it is way too important to keep it small, what with global warming and the world supply of carbon based fuels running out.


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