Monday, September 17, 2007

Geothermal Heating Obsolete?


Geo-thermal Heating Obsolete?

I have been thinking more about the Airoption Core Tech heating system. It would appear that the system, as the company says in their advertising, is essentially maintenance free. The running costs of €500 or even less per year for electricity match or improve on those of a geothermal system.

I would also imagine the cost of installing an underfloor electrical system are just a small fraction of that of installing a complex geothermal system. Additionally, geothermal systems use very expensive heat pumps which are very high maintenance. The pumps will require regular service and the replacement parts can be very expensive. Geothermal systems are unsuitable for small urban properties, whereas the Core Tech system could be fitted to most properties.

If the Airoption Core Tech system can be proved to work, it would make geothermal systems more or less obsolete.


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