Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ecowatts, Airoption Core Tech, is there a Link?



Over-Unity Electrical Heating Claims
I hope some Prove Real

I have been reading recently on the Daily Mail about an electrical heating device that gives out much more heat than the electricity put in would normally give. The company announcing this device are called Ecowatts. LINK: The managing director Ecowatts is Chris Davies, the company number is +44 (01206) 322496

The Daily Mail report can be read on their site at:

The concept is said to have been developed by a man named Christopher Robert Eccles, Ecowatts acquired rights and developed the idea.


If you would like trying to build one of these devices, there is a set of plans (I have no idea about their validity or safety) and details on the following site:


What I find very interesting is that there are a number of similarities between Ecowatts "Super Efficiency" or "Over Unity" claim and that of Airoption Ltd.

1. Both use electrical Heating.
2. Both claim 200 to 300% or more energy gain.
3. Both companies are in the Eco business.
4. Both companies are into control devices for the Eco business.
5. There is an Irish connection in both cases.

(Eco watts directors met Mr Eccles in Shannon according to the Daily Mail report.)


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