Saturday, August 25, 2007

Super Efficient Electrical Heating?


or Not?

Here is the Published Heating Claim of the Irish Company,
extracted from their advertising material:


I have removed the extracts from the Internet published claim of AirOption Ltd. due to their somewhat defensive response for further information to support their claim.

... it appears that we are attracting the type of notice we don’t want. In view of this we will be making no further statements whatsoever in relation to our product or technology until such time as we see fit.

All information or other matters given are strictly proprietary and their publication or misrepresentation are forbidden.

We would thank you therefore to be careful in how you may represent or misrepresent all matters relating to Airoption Ltd.

Thank you,

Airoption Ltd

You can check the information yourself on their website at:

The basis of their claim is that they can heat an 1800 sq foot average house for the year using 3.5Kw of heating and at a cost not exceeding €500 per year. It would appear the system is underfloor electrical heating.

I have been in touch with the company who make this further claim:


Again I have removed their response to my request for further information for this blog due to their response. (see above)

The basis of the information was to say that they were able to heat the test house/houses on much less that the published figure of €500 of electricity per year.


This is a claim equivalent to that of Steorn. To heat an 1800 sq foot average house for a total annual bill of €350 to €500. This is either the answer to the energy crisis or these guys have got their calculation all wrong.

My home is just over 1800 sq feet and moderately insulated. One year our oil boiler broke and we did not have the cash to immediately replace it. We used open fires and electricity. The electricity bill was very high and that was using coal fires in addition. I know how much electrical power it takes to heat a room or a house. If these guys can heat a house with an average 700 watts - they have some amazing mojo on their hands!!!!

I hope these guys have discovered the philosophers stone of heating - but somehow I seriously doubt it. I will await more information with an open mind.


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