Sunday, August 26, 2007

Extraordinary Heating Efficiency?


How Long Does it Take
to Boil a Kettle?

I have been thinking about this Irish claim for a super efficient home heating system and I thought that with heating a house there are far too may variables involved in determining the efficiency of the heat source. All the variables just tend to obscure and confuse the basic principle involved - how much electrical power does it take to raise the temperature in a given volume of air, concrete, water - its all the same really.

The thought came to me that boiling a kettle is exactly the same task as heating a house, only reduced to a simple minimum.

Challenge to this Claim!!

My 3Kw electric kettle can boil about 1.7 litres of cold water in approximately 2 minutes. If these guys can boil 1.7 litres of cold water with one of their 1kw elements in the same time - this would prove the validity of their claim to me. They could also take out a patent on efficient kettle elements while they are at it.

I am becoming more doubtful of the claim by the hour - but I still live in hope, and will await further contact and figures from the company.


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