Monday, August 27, 2007

Astounding Heating Claim


Another Email from me to the Company
making the Extraordinary Claim of
Electrical Heating with Efficiency
Greater than Geo-Thermal

Hi Again,

Your claim has me both extremely fascinated and sceptical. I am truly on tender hooks awaiting further information on this amazing public claim in heating efficiency that you have made.

I have written a couple of pieces on the blog - without mentioning your or your company's name. If you are ready to make a more scientific and formal claim for your system, I would truly appreciate hearing from you without too much delay.

If you have what you say you have, your claim is WAY beyond the ordinary - and into another realm altogether.

While I hope that what you say you have can be fully justified by science, I have to admit to being very doubtful and sceptical, as I was with the Steorn claim last year.

I hope to hear from you soon. I am being asked to name the company I have written about, but will refrain from doing so for the meantime - in order to give you some time to respond more fully.

My best regards,


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