Monday, August 20, 2007

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This morning, Monday 20th August, I received a reply from Dr. Ian Vallance of Plurion. He firstly takes a swipe at me. (perhaps justifiably, and my apologies for any grief taken, I have been highly annoyed by many companies ignoring information requests, so I now tend to operate on a hair trigger) He then goes on to give some useful information.

Here is the e-mail verbatim:


Can I suggest before making “humorous” statements in your blog you allow small professional organizations the opportunity of a little time to respond appropriately to a request for information. You do neither yourself, your organization, nor your cause/interest any service by potentially insulting those who you seek to make contact with.

Plurion as I say are still a small organization and have limited resources to commit to requests for information about our activities but I hope my answer will convey that we are very serious about making a significant contribution to the future energy supply business. We are in the process of establishing a new website where we hope to include background information which may be useful for an organization like yours

In the meantime my specific comments (given in blue) to you enquiry are included below and will perhaps explain why an immediate response was not forth coming.

In the meantime I am interested in any views you might have on “the domestic” market, e.g. what storage capacity would you think suitable and how long should it last at maximum capacity, sustainable cost to end user of any storage unit. And on the short comings any of technologies capable of supplying this market.

Dr. Ian Vallance
Project Manager
Plurion Limited
Southfield Industrial Estate
Fife KY6 2TF

Here is my original email to Plurion with the answers interspersed:


I write a small blog on alternative energy. Currently I am looking at storage systems and came across your site. Is your battery system scalable to domestic level? The household with a 3Kw wind turbine system needing storage?

Plurion’s Ce/Zn technology can in principle be operated on any scale, and in fact we use low Kw units for development purposes. However the main thrust of Plurions strategy is not the domestic market.

We are currently still in the product development phase and involved in projects which will see us product a 1 megawatt electrical storage facility for a major electricity supplier by late Q4 2008/ early Q1 2009. This unit will be capable of supplying at the 1Mw level for up to 8 hours. (The unit of course could be drawn upon at various rates e.g. it would supply 8Mw for one hour or at 125kw for 64 hours.

This unit will be made up of X4 250kw (Valid Production Prototype (VPP)) units, (also naturally with 8 hour capacity) simply linked together, the easy of combining their operation being an important plank of our development approach

On the way to producing these 250Kw VPP we will operate a 65Kw unit here at our Glenrothes operation. We hope to make appropriate announcements on this issue on our new web site when it is up and running soon.
Our aim is to supply the electrical energy storage market with 250Kw batteries which can be easily combined by end users to provide storage on any scale their generation facilities require. I know you understand the various generation methodologies we know will benefit from our technology offering.

I would like to write a piece on your systems. Do you have some photographs of your product in operational situations that you would be willing to send me?

As we are still in the development phase I hope you will understand why we are not in a position to supply you or anyone else with photographs of our products.

I would be obliged to hear from you,



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