Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Wood pellets on Pat Kenny Show


Wood Pellets Featured on Pat Kenny

Some of the points I have been making on this blog were dealt with on the Pat Kenny Radio show on RTE 1 on last Tuesday January 9th.

Points like:

(1) That SEI and the Irish Government have promoted the installation of wood pellet heaters without considering the supply or price of wood pellets.
(2) That wood pellets are now scarce and over priced.
(3) That SEI did not do their job fully by properly planning supply lines.

Briain Smyth did a very good job of presenting the ludicrous situation that presently exists in wood pellets. Briain is soon opening a very large wood pellet factory in Co. Carlow.

The SEI representative on the show attempted to whitewash the supply cock-up, but Pat Kenny did not let him off the hook.

You can listen to the podcast on Go to "radio 1", then "Pat Kenny" and the specific show.


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