Thursday, January 04, 2007

Benekov Boilers


Benekov Wood Pellet Boiler - Does it Burn Grain also?

Just received this letter in the form of a comment to blog from a Jim McMahon. Jim is asking about Prime Energy Solutions of Co. Cavan and their grain burning boiler.

Hi , Long Time reader of the blog,great source of info. Was wondering if you knew much about a company called Prime Energy Solutions who say they can burn grain and pellets in the boilers and did a couple of council projects before the greener homes scheme came in, thinking of getting a boiler with them, wondering if you or blog readers knew anything about them?

Well Jim, I rang Prime Energy Solutions who were very helpful on the phone. They tell me that their boiler is a Benekov wood Pellet/ grain burning unit. The price fully installed is €8500 for the smallest unit which is rated at 15Kw.

I remember hearing the name Benekov before, and after a bit of a search, I remembered that Manco Engineering UK handle the Benekov range.

Now I do not know if the standard unit is tuned to burn grain or what - but the 20Kw Benekov pellet boiler is available from Manco at £3,513 Sterning plus VAT. I have seen some UK chat sites which suggest that the Manco Engineering unit does burn grain - but I cannot vouch for that fact, and I dont have the time just now to check it out. The Manco Engineering price works out at €5215 Euro at todays exchange rates, plus VAT at 21% = €6310 inclusive of VAT for the larger 20 Kw unit.

I would imagine a larger unit to cost several hundred Euro more than the smallest unit. It would therefore appear that Prime Energy Solutions are charging in the region of €2,500 to cover transport and installation. That would seem like a lot to me, but I may have the wrong end of the stick, in which case I apologise.


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