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Benekov and Prime Energy Solutions
a Comprehensive Reply

I had a comprehensive and quite satisfactory reply to the questions I posed on this blog regarding Benekov Boilers from Derek Madden of Prime Energy Solutions Co Cavan. I print this letter in full here for two reasons, 1. to correct the facts and 2. because useful and comprehensive information always deserves to be dispersed.

Irish Benekov comes complete with Water Back-Burn Protection!

The Letter:

To whom it may concern,

A colleague of mine has pointed out an article on the internet regarding Benekov Boilers and I would like to respond with some details for you. I am not sure if this reply will reach you as I am not used to using this format of blogs.

The Benekov Prime boiler is unique to Ireland for a couple of reasons. We do use Lambda controlled combustion as you pointed out as standard on all our machines but there is a different control panel for the boiler here in Ireland compared with Benekov boilers sold in the European market. You will be able to see this by comparing pictures from Benekov boilers in different areas of Europe.

One of the reasons we have our own control panel for the boiler is we can link this control panel to fuel level sensors on a bulk storage hopper for our vacuum system for grain or pellets.

It is called Prime in Ireland as it is unique to Ireland in a number of ways and we have also been involved directly in design and product modification. I spent some time living and working in Scandinavia and this where the boiler controls are sourced with the base part of the boiler including the cast iron combustion head coming from Benekov in the Czech Republic.

Also on our 15 K/W boiler we have designed, here in Ireland, a unique set up which allows us to use automatic ignition effectively on our boilers by employing a twin motor set up on the auger feed, this is a feature not available as of yet elsewhere in Europe.

This is the boiler which we have installed on a project for Longford County Council. Please see for further details. With respect to grain burning we also employ a different combustion technique than is currently available in other parts of Europe. We have installed a boiler in Teagasc in Oak Park, Carlow to demonstrate our ability here in Ireland to efficiently burn Grain.

There is a number of interesting aspects to the combustion of grain here in Ireland that I can send you further information on if you wish. I would suggest that you can contact Teagasc directly for feedback. We currently have a good customer base in Ireland and would point out that we were completing work here in Ireland prior to the "grant" era in Ireland.

Our pricing structure is as follows for €5,900 for the 15 k/W with automatic ignition, this also includes sprinkler system and water cut out for burn back protection. It normally costs in the region of €750 for a twin wall flue using 45 degree bends, €650 for installation; extras include an integrated thermic valve and pump to stop water returning too cold to the boiler, electrical work for in house thermostatic control and copper for piping etc. When all is taken into account including VAT it normally costs €8,500 with the Prime 27 coming in at approx. €9,000 including chimneys, pipe-work, electrical work, installation and VAT etc as outlined. This also includes our most recent patented combustion set up for the Prime 27 which comes readily equipped to burn pellets, or grain without having to change any hardware or software on the boiler.

I hope that this answers some of your questions, if you have any more questions or would like to visit an installation near you then I would be happy to accommodate you.

Kind Regards,
Derek Madden
Prime Energy Solutions

Good luck with your busiiness Derek. I hope you feel that this blog now adequately corrects the facts. If you would like to send me more information or photos, you can directly e-mail me at: ""


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