Friday, January 05, 2007

Benekov Wood Pellet Boilers


Benekov Boiler Whats it called?
- is it a "Prime"
- is it a "PelLing"
- is it a "V-Ling"?

Prime Energy Solutions Ireland sell the Benekov "PRIME" Range in 12Kw 27Kw and 50Kw. I have extensively searched the Internet for Benekov "Prime" and I cannot find ANY reference anywhere to that range EXCEPT for the Irish entry of Prime Energy Solutions.

The Benekov Pellet Boiler range would appear to be called PelLing 15 - PelLing27 and PelLing50 and V-Ling 25 etc. respectively.

The Benekov boilers have a Lambda unit which can adjust the burning for slightly different fuels but the official blurb anywhere I have looked does NOT say they can specifically burn grain. I may be incorrect in the information I have gleaned and stand to be corrected.

By the way - - the Benekov PelLing 27 sells in Lithuania for 10,690 Lt or €3097 Euros plus VAT - That quite a bit cheaper than in Ireland don't you think?? Here is the link:

I came across a German company doing a range of boilers which they claim can burn just about any organic matter:

The lovely photo of a Benekov with a child looking at it, is from their site. They have an English page, on which they invite visitors to come see and talk with them. These sound like seriously interested and knowledgeable people - worth a look if you are in Germany. They do not show the Benekov as a grain boiler but seem to list it as a pellet boiler - interesting - very interesting!!! As they say; the plot thickens.


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