Thursday, January 04, 2007

Eleven Reasons not to go Wood Pellet Yet


Eleven Reasons not to go Wood Pellet just Yet

1. Most wood pellet boilers do not have sufficient back-burn protection. Water quench is a fail-safe and simple method but is not fitted to most units. This could well be the cause of much trouble and litigation in the future.
2. Wood burning stoves and boilers produce creosote which can build up in the chimney and if ignited will burn fiercely causing much damage and great danger. The use of special dual walled high temperature stainless flues are required and these are VERY expensive, easily up to €1000. This is another possible time-bomb for the future.
3. Wood pellet supply in Ireland is far from stable.
4. Wood pellet prices are far from stable.
5. Wood pellet quality varies a great deal.
6. Storing wood pellets is a big problem, trying to keep them sufficiently dry.
7. Wood pellet stoves and boilers are overpriced in Ireland.
8. Some installers are way over priced.
9. There is in-sufficient expertise among installers and service people in Ireland.
10. Spare part and warranty mechanisms are not fully established in Ireland.
11. The good has not yet been separated from the bad in Ireland. Time only will tell.


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Jim McMahon said...

Hi ,
Long Time reader of the blog,great source of info. Was wondering if you knew much about a company called Prime Energy Solutions who say they can burn grain and pellets in the boilers and did a couple of council projects before the greener homes scheme came in, thinking of getting a boiler with them, wondering if you or blog readers knew anything about them?