Friday, August 11, 2006

SEI is NOT Answering Questions!!!

Hiding in Their Shell?
Questions NOT Answered!!

On 28th July last I wrote to SEI with a list of specific questions listed below. Two weeks have passed and there has been no reply or direct response to the questions. I have to assume that SEI are either; (a) Not interested, (b) Don't have the answers, or (c) Simply dismiss people like me as a cranks to be ignored.

1. Why is there no mechanism in place to stop excessive profiteering and gougers?

2. Why are there no penalties, like removal from the lists, of gougers or incompetents?

3. Whats the point of SEI if it does not protect the punter?

4. Why doesn't SEI make sure to publish a list of manufacturers recommended selling prices, so the cowboys cannot "invent" their own prices.

5. Why does SEI not publish a straight talking comparative list of heating systems, with unbiased information on value, quality, efficiency, and reliability?

6. Why doesn't SEI publish a recommended scale of fees for installers instead of letting the puner open to all sorts of abuses.

7. Why doesn't SEI set up a mechanism to take legal acton on behalf of seriously abused customers.

What Do You Think?

Should a multi-million Euro renewable energy agency, set up by the government for our benefit, respond to direct queries like the above?

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