Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Oil Fired Heating Part 2

Oil Fired Central Heating Part 2.

I have learned that there are oil burners available that will burn vegetable oil including used chipper oil and/or other waste oil. These burners can be retrofitted to many existing oil boilers with very little trouble or fitting cost. One such oil burner is illustrated above.

Some farmers are especially growing rapeseed to extract the oil and burn it for heat, while using the cake to feed cattle - a double whammy from the crop. Rapeseed oil burns especially well in these burners leaving very low residue and fumes that are not unpleasant like kerosene or diesel fumes.

Stay tuned for more information. I am researching the cost, delivery charges etc., and will try to get some picture of reliability etc.

If you own a chipper this could save you tons of money on heating your home. If you are a farmer and can grow rapeseed it could be just a brialliant solution to saving on heating.

Burning bulk vegetable oils could still be a viable proposition for the average home owner as the price of heating oil continues to soar.

I am looking for information on the bulk price and availability of various vegetable oils if anyone can point me in the right direction please e-mail me at:

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