Monday, August 21, 2006

Lots of Enquiries - Few Sales!

Is the Lid Blowing Off the Irish Wood Pellet Business?

I have heard from several sources that the Irish public are being cautious about taking up the new Greener Homes Grants, especially in wood pellet heating.

Gee! I wonder why ever is that the case?

I wonder now could it have anything to do with the fact that many Irish companies are looking to charge between 30% and 69% higher than elsewhere?

The 69% profiteering I detailed in a Blog in last July:

The Irish Price from the main Viadrus Dealer!

Energy Master Listowel offer the Viadrus Hercules Eco 24Kw Pellet Boiler combo at €6500 including 21% VAT the price includes commissioning and signing off the SEI Grant form. I could not find their price posted on their internet site, but I requested information and I received a printed leaflet with the price clearly stated.

The English walk-in-off-the-street Price

Manco Energy Ltd. East Yorkshire UK offer the same Boiler combo at £2,200 plus VAT. That's €3188 at today's rates. Add the 21% Irish VAT and that gives you €3858 rounded up to the nearest Euro. The link is:

Or could it have anything to do with greedy installers who are looking for sums of up to €1000 for the half days work it takes to install the boilers?

Maybe could it have something to do with the problems people have been experiencing with high moisture content wood pellets?

Or possibly could it have anything to do with people fear of switching over to a fuel with few suppliers, poor distribution, and un-established price norms?

SEI please wake up!!

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Gerry said...

I'm reading your blog with great interest. You are dealing with an important topic and doing so extremely well. I do hope you'll keep it up and I for one will be checking in regularly. Gerry