Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Keeping the Head below the Battlements!

As I have previously stated in this Blog, I am open to correction, and I am happy to receive information at all times.


I have two points of correction to note in this Blog. Both sources of information are expert in their respective fields, and both are anxious to keep their heads below the battlements for the moment, just as I myself have avoided the direct line of fire from the "not so pleased readers"


I am very reliably informed that it is technically possible to make Ireland 100% - YES ONE HUNDRED PERCENT - wind power capable.

We have one of the world's best wind patterns, we have the places in which to build wind farms, we have a sufficient diversity of wind patterns, and we could build more of the needed buffer power storage facilities like the Turlough Hill pumped storage hydro-electric system.

Investment and foresight is all that is lacking!


I am very reliably informed here also that there are many more honest brokers in the retail renewable energy business.

My source promises to give me some direct pointers and evidence to this fact, and I will publish the information as soon as it get it, because I believe the good should be acknowledged as well as the not-so-good.

Stay tuned!

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