Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Future Generations up the Creek Without a Paddle

Good News But!!!

Island Oil and Gas PLC has just announced that it has made a significant gas find off the Old Head of Kinsale in the Celtic Sea.

The discovery has the potential volumes of gas of at least 90-120 billion cubic feet, whatever that means in real terms, but it sound promising.

Here is a thought for today

This new gas find, along with the recent utterly daft suggestion that Ireland should build a nuclear reactor, might serve to deflect thinking on Renewable Energy away for the core issues.

What are the Core Issues?

1. The world reserves of Oil and Gas and Coal will all soon be completely exhausted regardless of new discoveries. This will leave our children and their children in a world where coal, oil and gas are things they go to see in a museum. You might say that our greed and shortsightedness NOW will leave our children "up the creek without a paddle".

2. If we do not heavily invest in Renewable Sources now, we will be in a much more vulnerable situation in a few years time.

3. There are very few jobs created by the short-term industries of oil and gas supply, whereas biomass energy is indefinitely sustainable and creates many thousands of long-term jobs for generation after generation.

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