Friday, July 13, 2012

Recession Depression Suicide Irish Politics



The Irish Economy is DOWN, and the number of Suicides in Ireland is UP. Up 7% on last year, in fact. And, of course, last years figure was also up on previous years.

It's not rocket science - put people under severe financial stress and take away their hope - and you will get massive increases in depression and suicides.

I wonder then could those people, bankers, legislators, etc., who caused the recession in Ireland to be so severe by their actions or inactions, be actually tried for manslaughter?

No doubt what worsens the pain and anger is seeing the fat cats get away with so much and the over large membership of the Irish Legislature pay themselves more than handsomely and award themselves MASSIVE expenses. The same is true of all those protected Public Sector jobs with guaranteed incomes and pensions. Can this slap in the face to those so badly affected by the economy really be allowed to continue?


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