Friday, July 27, 2012

Ireland Hard Hit - Blog 500,000 Hits


When I started six years ago, I did not envisage the day when this blog would reach the half million hits. This evening it just rolled past that signpost.

While considering the blog statistics with some small degree of satisfaction, I could not but react to recent Irish national statistics with a growing sense of impending gloom and doom.


UNEMPLOYMENT among 15 to 24 year olds  =   39%

UNEMPLOYMENT 15 - 25y group some areas =  74%

RETAIL SALES are down by = 5.50%

SUICIDES are up by =  7%

TRUST, BELIEF, and HOPE in the Irish Government fell to a mere =  20%

DISPOSABLE INCOME for the less well off is DOWN by almost = 19%

While INCOME FOR THE FAT CATS is up by over 4%

It's a gloomy outlook - especially when one considers the almost complete lack of mindful measures being taken to re-balance the situation, coupled with the sad dearth of clear moral leadership.


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