Monday, July 09, 2012

Law Makers & Peasants + Angela Merkel & Enda


Enda Kenny 
Angela Merkel
Immoral Imbalances
Can't resist this Rant

Irish motor tax is costing me 7 cent per Km. That is because I own an 8 year old 2L diesel and travel some 10,000Km a year.  The road tax even if I do not move it from my driveway is 660Euro a year.

That is on top of 51% tax loading on every drop of fuel, plus the original cost of a car has no less than 42% tax added.

If cars were a luxury it might then be acceptable to tax it at these levels, but in rural Ireland, with no adequate public transport, it is IMPOSSIBLE to live and work without the use of a car.

If I had enough money to buy a new car, I could get away with half the road tax or less - another Catch 22!  Because I have not got money, I cannot save money - Gee I wonder what is wrong with that system?


I find it inappropriate, perhaps even illegal, and nothing short of immoral that a National Legislature can vote it's own salaries, salaries paid regardless of attendance or performance, they also vote their own embarrassingly high expenses. This and other factors has made our National Legislature nothing more than a self-serving institution.

I find it highly immoral and offensive that members of the Irish parliament can claim up to 37,000 Euro in travel expenses, while, at the same time, not allowing a PAYE worker claim for the cost of running a car which is 100% needed in order to get to work.


Enda Kenny gets €200,000, while Angela Merkel with 10 times the responsibility and a huge country and economy to worry about gets €220,000. No wonder then that Enda gets short shrift when coming with the poor mouth or begging cap in hand.


Ireland has serious and immoral imbalances between the top earners and the bottom. Public servants are, for the most part, overpaid, over privileged, and under-worked. So are members of Parliament, the Judiciary, and many professionals in the professional power groups like legal and medical muscles. Top those imbalances off with the really rich who can afford to have accountants and legal teams helping them to dodge most of the taxes they are morally bound to pay, and you have a very unsteady system.


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