Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Foundations of Irish Stability are Crumbling


Trust is the Foundation 
of Every Successful Relationship

Ireland Seriously Lacks Trust

A fascinating, revealing and recently published survey by the Edelman Trust Barometer has come up with some rather shocking findings for Ireland.

The dogs in the street know that the people's trust in politicians and in the process of government has taken some severe knocks in recent years. A survey published only months ago shows that a mere 15% of Irish citizens actually trust politicians. This means that the country is being run by the 2nd least trusted group of professionals. The parliament can only hold respect and trust from 15% of the citizens. That would be unsustainable in any business setting!!

Wanker Banker

However one profession shines out (maybe that should read CRAPS OUT) at lower than even the political - bog snorkeling - low-hitters - and that group are the bankers. A mere 6% of people trust this lot of hood-winking shysters.

Some of the Published Results

  • People's trust in the Irish government is at an extreme low of just 20%.
  • Citizen's belief and trust in the system of government fell 11% since 2009.
  • The world average is 52%.
  • Ireland at 11% trust level in government is at the bottom of 23 countries that were surveyed.
  • Trust in the business sector is also low in Ireland, although there has been some increase in confidence.
  • Some 82% of the people surveyed believe that business has to be regulated by strict laws which in turn are equipped with adequate teeth in order to ensure ethical and responsible behaviour.
The People's Solutions

For government and business to regain any sort of trust the following were the top rated prerequisites given by Irish respondents

  • That Government and Banking take full responsibility for the crisis (85%),
  • That actions are taken to protect the welfare and safety of customers and employees (81%) 
  • That Government and other Institutions openly communicate about the extent of the crisis (81%).
With both the Irish legislature and the Irish banking system so terribly low in the public's perception, it begs the question: Is Ireland crumbling like Rome did? Rotting from the core?


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