Saturday, December 03, 2011

New Inset Multi Fuel Stove from Hamco


Hamco Co. Offaly
Have a New
Inset Stove
Street Price under €600

I was talking again yesterday to Brian Mc Mahon of Hamco - no -  he is not related to the Listowel writer - he tells me their inset stove is now in the showrooms.

There is a limited supply out there so you will have to hunt around if you are looking for one. Yea - I know the photo is lousy - this is because there is no brochure printed yet for the new stove - it will be called "The Glen" - and that picture above came from Brian's phone, taken with the stove - still on the darn pallet. Nothing like good presentation Brian!!


Anyone thinking of an inset would might like to take a look at the Hamco. If budget is an issue - this stove is almost 30% cheaper than the Blacksmith inset stove, and it is over 40% cheaper than the Mulberry inset stove.


Quality? - Brian McMahon told me that the castings of the metal in contact with the fire are in 17% high-chromium metal - this is the industry standard. The look is plain clean lines and a bit retro. The primary air intake control is a slide knob - I have found this type to be a bit more difficult to accurately adjust. That lot said, this looks like a very good value-for-money stove.

As soon as I get to examine a working model, I shall write up my observations here on this blog.


Time of this add-on note: October 2012, and to date I have not even seen a Hamco inset stove let alone seen one in a working situation. I can therefore give no first hand opinion whatsoever on this stove.

Since I wrote the original post, there have been several other offerings of insert / inset stoves available on the Irish market. It should not be difficult to purchase a good quality inst for €500 - €600.


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