Friday, December 02, 2011

Calco Smokless Coal Problem in some stoves


May Invalidate Guarantee 
on Some Multi-Fuel Stoves

I have just learned - so I am passing the information on my readers - that the use of CALCO smokeless coal may invalidate the guarantee on some makes of stove.

The reason for this is because the Calco Blend contains "Petro Coke" which is blended with Union Briquettes.

Petro Coke is a by product of the petroleum industry and is a very good solid fuel in terms of heat output. The problem arises because this petro coke actually burns very hot, too hot for some stoves and can therefore damage the appliance.

I have been using Calco for a month in my modified fireplace which has a back-boiler and a fireplace door. I am very happy with the results indeed. The fuel burns down to quite a fine ash and gives excellent heat output. I have not noticed any excess in the combustion, no more than I get with "CosyGlo" smokeless ovoids. At €14 a 40Kg bag and higher heat output Calco is a real bargain - pity there is a question about its use in stoves.

I have not used Calco in my stove as yet so I can give no feedback there. If you are worried you might damage a stove by using the much lower priced Calco, I would suggest contacting the stove manufacturer and checking it out.

I have no problem in continuing to use Calco in my fireplace as the results so far have been excellent.

Calco is distributed in Ireland by National Coal Company Belfast, Tel: 04890 - 611167


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