Friday, December 02, 2011

My Experimental Custom Fireplace Door


Lots of People Asking 
Where did I get my 
Fireplace Door

I have clearly indicated several times on this blog - that this is a ONE-OFF  - custom, self-designed - experimental door.

A good friend made it for me. It is made in stainless steel sheet metal, but could equally be made in ordinary carbon steel sheeting and painted with a heat proof paint.

No - -  I do not know where you can have one made. What would it cost to have a custom door made? - I do not know. the answer to that either.

If you had a design, set of basic drawings, and exact dimensions, and you asked a sheet metal works to produce it, I guess you could be talking €500 or more - custom stuff is not worth considering unless you have the facilities.

I believe there are a number of ready made fireplace doors now available - but remember these will be to standard size fittings only most likely a 16".  I do NOT KNOW who makes them or how much they cost. If someone has specific information, I would be glad to publish it.

My experimental fireplace door has proved - in my case - to be hugely successful. The success is in no small part due to there being a back boiler insitu. I don't think I would recommend a fireplace door where there is not a wrap round back boiler.

An inset stove is the obvious answer where there is no back boiler. There are several more makes of inset stove becoming available and the price is also coming down on some of them.

I will post further on inset stoves soon.


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