Tuesday, December 20, 2011

HSE Health Service Executive FLUSHED


Is it GOOD news
or not-so-good news

The Irish Health Minister has announced the winding up of the HSE Health Service Executive, which I prefer to call the Huge State Enema, because this organisation has wastefully managed to flush away more millions than nearly all the rest of the State agencies put together.

But the question remains, is it time to jump for joy? Somehow, I have very very very serious doubts indeed - so I will not be cracking out my ballet pumps. 

Why do I have serious doubts??? Because the very SAME people will be running the new show. It could perhaps be said by some people - certainly not me,  that this is a bit like getting rid of Hitler from Europe, and then putting him in charge of Israel.

So maybe the above picture is more representative of the general emotions that will be felt by many at the news that at long last the HSE has been flushed down the toilet - along with the billions of Euro they wasted.


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