Friday, August 12, 2011

LED bulbs an update short Review


LED Lamps
Short Review and Update

I have been trying a variety of different cheap Chinese LED bulbs over recent months. The quality and quantity of the light output from these lamps has improved a great deal over earlier samples of say two years ago. The reliability has however been a bit haphazard and I have written about some of the shortcomings and how I have overcome them by tweaking the lamps before use.

Some of the latest examples of these MR16 and GU10 type LED lamps have been the latest 6 watt bulbs. In a recent post I reviewed two different types of 6watt, made up of 3 x 2watt emitters with GU10 fitting. I found that the light output from these 6watt bulbs was no better than from a 5watt lamp.

I have recently bought another type of MR16 3 x 2watt LED, seen in the above photo, which has exceeded my expectations with regard to light output and light colour. I will make some attempt at a comparative analysis of the performance of this lamp in the near future. Suffice it to say for the moment, I would not waste my time and money on the other types of 6watt LEDs!


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