Monday, August 22, 2011

Custom Made Fireplace Doors


Custom Made
Fireplace Doors

I got another letter requesting specific information or the name of a manufacturer doing custom made fireplace doors.

As far as I know there is no company in the Irish Republic doing custom work of this nature. It would not be in any way cost effective having one-off units made to specific measure and design. I would only guess, but I would suspect a figure of (updated) €700 - €1500 for a one-off unit, depending on materials etc., would not be out of the way. The only way it would prove economical is to go with standard units. If you check with your heating hardware suppliers they may be able to help you there.

Here is the letter:

Fireplace Doors - Dampers

I desperately need a glass fireplace door with dampers - do you know of anyone, in Co. Mayo or anywhere in the Republic, who can make custom tempered glass fireplace doors (with locks) and adjustable damper?

Thank you.

19 August 2011



Ruth said...

I have been following your discussion about fireplace doors, and searching for some time for a stockist in Ireland. Last week, I found an advertisement on the website "" offering to supply glazed fire fronts for €400. The supplier is based in Longford. I hope you find this information useful. Warm wishes, Ruth

Ruth said...

I would just like to correct a mistake in my earlier contribution about fireplace doors. The advertisement on is listed under the heading "stove conversion" and the price is €449.

All the best,


Fran said...

Re fireplace doors I came across this website
I was told the door is priced at €550.