Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Celtic Tiger Sleeping Tiger


Sleeping Tiger
(A Sustainability Issue - but nevertheless a rant! - 
Sorry for two rants in a row - I cannot contain my frustration)

In my last post I was marking just a few of the many gross social imbalances that exist in Ireland. The news today carries yet another revelation.

It emerged that FÁS the National Training Agency gives 70 days holidays, which is 44 extra to already generous regular holidays, to those nearing retirement to "Ease the Retirement Process". OMG - my stomach is churning -  talk about milking the system for the last possible drop.

Self-serving Institutions

What strikes me as way worse than the crazy over-generous self-serving by the institution, is the reaction by the Trades Unions and the Fás employees scrambling to retain this utterly crazy benefit.

I would be completely mortified and ashamed to be the recipient of such a - system milking perk - at the best of times, but in these times of real hardship, the Trades Unions should do a little soul searching before supporting this sort of craziness.

The Sleeping Tiger of the Celtic People does not want to be awakened. This sort of effrontery by the privileged public service is not too far distanced from Tsarist Russia's disregard for the starving masses. Little wonder that Russia had a revolution.

Ireland is certainly heading for some sort of a revolution, hopefully it will be a political and not a bloody one.

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