Monday, August 30, 2010

Spam on Blogger

Would you believe it!
SPAM on Blogger Comments

Spam used to be this horrible ham like stuff in a tin with a key on the side to open it. Not any more is it! Spam could be described as "Internet junk mail". There is a whole new breed of low life advertising and promotions using SPAM to push their grubby wares.

These annoying bastards aka "Spammers", just cannot leave anyone alone, they try to put their foot in every possible door. The comments on Blogger have recently been invaded by this pig ignorant band of commercial spammers pushing their dubious wares.

The epidemic is such that Google Blogger have installed an automatic Comments Spam Removal tool. But the few still get through.

The latest SPAM comment that I received was pushing secondhand Opel cars. I don't know if Opel would approve of this sort of crass behaviour, or indeed if the respectable Opel Dealers would be happy either?

Either way, the spam comment and all like it will be assigned to the SPAM box where they belong.

END OF RANT - thank you for listening.


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