Friday, August 13, 2010

Philips CFL Bulbs only 1 Euro


CFL Bulbs
€1 each

Winter is coming soon enough, and along with it come the dark days and nights. Now is a very good time to look at your lighting needs.

CFL bulbs represent a terrific energy saving in any household. Right now is the time to dash out and buy a dozen or so. You might catch one hell of a bargain as Woodies have the standard Philips CFL 60 watt and 40 Watt equivalents for a mere €1 each.

You would be crazy not to buy some. Think about it for a moment !! - - - At that price you could make 800% profit by way of energy savings over the life of the bulbs!!!


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tom said...

why are the manuafacturers and promotors of cfl bulbs claiming long life on these bulbs ? 6 years ago i started using these bulbs , i have had to replace many of them in that time , i now put the date of installation on each bulb, today i replaced 2 philips genie 8w screw cap bulbs that i fitted on 11/4/09, 1 blew 2 weeks ago & the other blew yesterday