Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Enercon E-Ship docks in Dublin


The Amazing Enercon EShip
Docked in Dublin Today

Probably one of the most environmentally friendly and innovative ships on the seas docked in Dublin today. The ship was designed and built by Enercon. Yes - the same Enercon, wind turbine manufacturers, that I have written extensively about on this blog. It’s cargo? What else - wind turbines!! More and more Enercon turbines are being used in Ireland. I really like their design features!

The Enercon E-ship carries, along with many other innovative features, four huge "rotor sails", large tall vertical rotating cylinders driven by electric motors. These rotating cylinders along with the wind, give motive power similar to traditional sails, only ten times more effectively. They use what is called the “Magnus Effect”. The Magnus Effect, in a way, is like the opposite of the vortex effect utilised by Prof. Bernitsas’ “Vortex Hydro Energy” sea current generators.

The spinning cylinder is the equivalent of a vortex and thus creates a push or flow pattern. The rotor sail technology was successfully demonstrated as far back as the 1920ies by Anton Flettner. As with so many fantastic early energy innovations, it lost its significance due to the introduction of oil driven engines. Now that the oil is running out - the world will need to reclaim these past discoveries.

I am an Enercon fan - Well done Enercon.


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