Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nano Battery Market Worth $2.5billion by 2015


Don't Buy an Electric Car Now
Wait for the New Nano Batteries!
You have been Warned!

I have just read a recently published report by a group called “Global Industry Analysts”. The essence of the report is that the global market for nano-technology type batteries, the type I have been writing and raving about, is expected to reach $2.5 Billion US by 2015.

These guys evidently can see the benefits that this type of battery has to offer in terms of price, charge capacity, lifespan, and environmental benefits, and the range of uses primarily including transport, and wind energy balancing application. If only our politicians and government agencies could be as alert.

I really believe that there is little or no point in buying an electric car now - just wait a year until these new batteries become available.


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